72 Days

So here it is. My first post. No one ever enjoys their first time – so bare with me here as I try and make it through this.

Not sure where I am going with this blog – I guess it’s going to be a complete randomness for now until I figure it out.

My thought for the day. 72 days.

What is 72 days? A little over 2 months. Roughly  10 weeks or 1728 hours. 6,220,800 seconds. Or, to put it simply, 1 Kardashian.  Its a new unit of measurement really. Like 1 year = 365 days … 1 Kardashian = 72 days. Kim Kardashian managed to be married for all of 72 days before deciding that she needed to file for divorce. Now I hate the Kardashians. I have never watched any of their shows, can’t even tell you what any of them are called. And I really hate talking about them because they do what they do in order to get attention, and this is me giving them attention.  This will most likely be the one and only time you will hear me say the name. The reason I am even discussing this, is because I myself, have now offically been married for 72 days, or 1 Kardashian. Woo. I couldn’t be happier – and can’t even imagine all of a sudden saying “Honey, ya know, this just isnt working out for me. We gave it a shot, good luck with life.”

So in honor of my 1 Kardashian Anniversary, I give you

7 Things That Have Lasted Longer Than Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

1) My marriage (well tomorrow – but I’d bet my first unborn child I will be making it to day 73 of my marriage). I love you A   šŸ™‚

2) 1995. Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men came out with the hit “One Sweet Day”. The hit was gold, and made it to #1 on the Billboard Charts for the most weeks – 16 weeks to be exact. And that’s six weeks longer than Kim could hack the marriage thing. 72 sweet days was just too much for Kim…

3) The NBA lockout. The lockout started July 1st, and there is still no idea when the season will start, if at all. I find this quite ironic – being that Kris is a basketball player. What is he doing – now that he is not pretending to be married nor on the courts. Hmphh.

4) Kim and Kris actually made their own countdown. They were actually engaged longer than they were married for. I am sure that not many out there can say this. They were engaged for a whopping 85 days. Good thing they had E! to plan the entire thing. Because any bride out there knows that you can’t plan a wedding in 85 days – or at least not the ridiculous wedding that she had.

5) “I’ll never let go”… Blockbuster hit Titanic was the number one movie for 105 days. Looks like Kim and Rose let go of some promises. Kim said until death do us part .. what she really meant was 72 days. And Rose  said I’ll never let go .. but what she really meant was I won’t let go until I see some boats and then I am outta here.

6) Average sea-monkey life span – 730 days. The sea-monkey has us all beat. 730 days!!!

7) This last one just blows my mind. A dance marathon of 157 days. That’s a whole lot of dancing. Apparently it’s the longest dance marathon ever. It’s fantastic. And even better – this was back in the 1930s. That was probably the sickest dance party ever. I think I might look into throwing my own dance marathon and destroying the previous record …

And there you have it. 7 things that lasted longer than Kim Kardashians marriage. It probably would have been easier to make a list of things that didn’t make it to 72 days. There are probably only a few …  like Britney Spears’ first marriage of 55 hours. Sorry Britney.

Glad my first post is out of the way. Stay classy.


3 thoughts on “72 Days

  1. I’ve been enjoying looking around your blog! I loved this post. It made me laugh. I can so relate to the hatred/not wanting to give them the attention they desperately seek. TOTALLY relating. But what a clever post. šŸ™‚ You’ve got a new reader!

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