Thanksgiving Eve = Traffic

Thanksgiving Eve. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope everyone takes a time to think about everything/everyone they are thankful for in their life.

What is Thanksgiving Eve? Most people would probably tell you its the number one night for going out in your hometown. Sure, everyone you grew up with and then some rush to the local bars. Most trying to prove that hey are further along in life than you are. Have fun with that – I will pass. People I want to catch up with, I still talk to and can catch up with whenever I want. And heck, if I want to see people I havent seen in years, or at least since last Thanksgiving Eve, I can just sign on to Facebook, where I am sure to learn more than I care to about people. So everyone be safe out there tonight!

So what do I really think of first when you say Thanksgiving Eve. Traffic. . . traffic traffic traffic. Thankfully EC gave me the day off – because my normal commute is 2 hours and I don’t think I could handle any more than that. Especially because it’s pouring here in the northeast, I can only imagine the roads right now. Now I currently live about 40 miles from work – which is a good distance, but its pretty much all highway. If I go on a Saturday, it takes me 45 minutes. Ok – great! But go during the week, between 5 and 10 in the morning and 3 and 8 in the afternoon, and boom, you aren’t on a highway, rather you are sitting in a parking lot. Why can’t people just keep moving? Why do they have to weave in and out and really not get any further and just cause more traffic? I joke that each day traffic steals a bit of my soul – but I kid you not. A and I are talking about finding a place closer to my work, somewhere half way between our works because the commute is just not working out. So for anyone out there that sits in parking lot traffic for 2+ hours like on your way home – I feel for you – stay strong.

As for tonight – the busiest day of the year for travel – good luck. I myself will be making the journey with A across state, but am waiting until as late as possible in hopes that traffic won’t be as bad.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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