Office Space

So here at EC it is one of the most stressful times of the semester. No, it’s not finals times. It’s good old registration time.

I remember those days like yesterday. Sitting in front of a computer waiting for your time. When the clock hits, you try getting in, along with everyone else, and just sit there, watching the internet clock. When you finally get in, you realize every single top choice you had is already full, and you scramble to find other classes to get into.
You feel like this:

I never thought I would have to go through that again. But then I decided I wanted to enter the world of higher education, and get into advising. And now I join my advisees in the world of registration. I had tons of advisees today who couldn’t get into their classes because they were already full – or who just couldn’t get into the system period because the servers were jammed with traffic. And this not only stopped them from registering, but it also prohibited me from getting any work done. I was forced to write this post while at work. It’s not my fault really.
It was either blogs .. or this:

Office Space – fantastic movie. If you haven’t seen it, and you work in some type of office setting, you need to watch it. My past two jobs have literally been straight out of the movie. No joke. The last place, they decided to hire more people than they had room for, and I moved up a position, so they thought it would be cool to move me to the kitchen, and give the new person my desk. They move Milton to the basement, and me to the kitchen – not sure which is worse. There was cake for someone’s retirement (not that I wanted a slice), but I didn’t even get offered a slice because they ran out. I was literally living the Office Space. Thankfully – EC is nothing like that and I love my job. But the Office Space is still a ridiculously funny movie nonetheless. Make it a must see this weekend.


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