Go, go, go …

I am the type of person that always needs to be doing something. I have a hard time just sitting doing nothing. A probably gets annoyed because after we get home and have dinner and all that fun stuff, he is ready to sit on the couch and veg out, but I feel the need to go around and get something done around the apartment. Its been a few months since we moved in together, but going from two separate apartments into one small apartment has been interesting, and we have had a hard time finding a place for everything. But that’s a whole other issue. Before A and I got engaged, I decided that I wanted to go back to school and get my master’s. At this time, A and I were at opposite ends of the state and only saw each other on weekends, sometimes every other. So I packed up my bags, and made the move out to Boston, so that A and I could be closer and so that I could go to grad school. If you know Boston, you know it is the quintessential college town. I can’t tell you how many schools are here, this map gives you a good idea though:

And that doesn’t even show you the schools that are just outside the city area. So yes, it is college central. I unfortunately can’t afford to just go to school and not work, but I also wanted to finish my masters as fast as possible so that I could move into my intended career path. I got accepted to a higher education program at Northeastern University and knew that I was going to be starting in the fall, but was nervous about the whole job situation. As luck would have it, I ended up finding a job at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a few weeks before I moved (yes it’s higher education, but it was nothing related to what I wanted to be doing). Talk about being around some wicked smaht people. Anyways, the whole point of this was, I constantly need to be doing something – so, I decided to work full-time, and get my master’s full-time. The program usually takes around 2 years for people who are working, but I was able to finish it in a year – and left with a 3.98 GPA (damn that one teacher who gave me an undeserved A- πŸ™‚ ). But I will give myself a pat on the back for that one. It was a stressful year, but I stayed busy, and I thrive on that. A couple of weeks before my last class finished, A proposed while at the beach for a weekend getaway.

He had wanted to wait until I was done with my masters because he knew once we were engaged I would be focusing all my attention on wedding planning and not so much on my classes. Good call – and another reason why I am thankful I finished it in a year rather than two. And boy did wedding planning consume my/our time. We were engaged for about 13 months, which gave us plenty of time, but it was still a very busy and very exciting time. During the engagement process, I was also trying to find a new job and a house. I was able to land the new job, but the house had to be put on the back burner for a bit. The real estate in the Boston area is just ridiculously expensive and is a huge step that we did not want to rush into. The point of this long drawn out story is that for the past 2+ years, I have had some very big things going on in my life that took up a lot of time. But now, I find myself with well, nothing. I mean I have the thank you cards that I am still working on from the wedding (when you have 280 guests, it makes the thank you card process an extremely daunting task). But other than that I have nothing. Work, and my three-hour commutes, along with daily house chores take up a ridiculous amount of time, but I still feel the need to be working towards something. A couple of weeks ago, I told A that I wanted to start a blog. And then I said I wanted to run a marathon. And he keeps telling me that all these things take up a lot of time and asks why I have to do everything at once. Whatever – it’s just what I do. So I started the blog. Check. Sure showed him! haha. Now – it is on to the marathon. Now, there is no way I can do a full marathon. Maybe a few years ago I could have, but after tearing my ACL, twice, and having two ACL reconstructions and a meniscus reconstruction, the doctor said absolutely no more soccer (tear), along with other competitive sports, and no running of marathons.
This is me, after my ACL and meniscus surgery, most likely still feeling good from all the drugs.

I need to look at this to remind myself that I DONT want to go through that again. Running a marathon is bad for your body/knees to begin with, nevermind when you have had multiple knee surgeries. So that kind of crushed my marathon dream – sort of. My goal now is – to do a relay marathon. It’s about as close as I can get. The wedding was fantastic motivation to get in shape (I lost over 40 pounds πŸ™‚ ). But I need to keep that motivation going, and the marathon is a perfect way to do it. A has the fastest metabolism ever, and can usually eat whatever he wants – but he is definitely starting to say that he is so out of shape and needs to get back into working out, so I thought it would be something fun that we could do together. So we made a relay team of four people (two legs of 7.8 miles and two legs of 5.8 miles). I am taking one of the 7.8, and since A is not a huge fan of running he is doing one of the 5.8. So that is my next project – getting ready to run in a relay marathon. Now I just need to find some great running songs to help me get through the runs. Ideas welcome πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Go, go, go …

  1. OMG – I feel you on the thank you cards!! I just got married it August and it took me weeks to write the cards. We had 219 guests at our wedding, but the invite list was way longer and lots of people sent gifts even though they didn’t come. When I was finally finished, I really never wanted to get another gift again!! πŸ™‚

    • I am impressed that you are done though! I got married in September – and am still trying to get through them. I am almost there – but boy has it been tough. But I agree with you – I am good to not get anymore gifts for awhile πŸ™‚

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