Did she order the lobster and filet mignon at dinner or something?

For anyone with a smart phone – you know what the term autocorrect means. It has probably made you look like a fool on several occasions.

For those of you that don’t know what autocorrect is on cell phones, the Autocorrect feature remembers what you type. In addition to comparing to a dictionary list of words, it also compares what you type to what you have typed in the past. It can be convenient when you are typing quickly and start to spell a word incorrectly, autocorrect kicks in and usually knows what you were trying to type. I say usually, because sometimes it comes back at you with the most ridiculous things.

I just recently found this, top 25 funniest autocorrects:
Damn you Autocorrect

And I literally was crying I was laughing so hard. I may be immature, that’s fine. But I have had my fair share in some ridiculous autocorrects so I just find this absolutely hilarious.

I think this was probably one of my favs..


2 thoughts on “Did she order the lobster and filet mignon at dinner or something?

  1. lol!! I really do hate auto correct sometimes! Even worse now is the little microphone feature that types what you say…..I guess I have a bit of a Jamaican accent, so it’s hilarious what it interprets me saying sometimes.

    • The microphone feature, no matter what your accent is, or even if you dont have an accent – will somehow always get it wrong lol. I don’t think I have an accent – and somehow most of the time it never gets what I am saying. I find it more frustrating than just typing it out. I guess I will stick to typing and live with autocorrects 🙂

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