Balancing the Holidays

A and I both come from pretty big families.

Here is just my immediate family – a picture from our wedding. There are a few people who got left out because they were too busy killing the dance floor:

And here is A’s immediate family minus a couple of folks as well:

Each coming from two large, very religious and family oriented families makes figuring out where to go for the holidays rather tricky. We decided that Thanksgiving would just be one of those every other year things. This year we went home to my family, so next year it will be his family for Turkey day. Christmas gets a bit trickier for us. It is both our favorite holidays – and it is hard to give up all your favorite traditions. Christmas Eve is bigger with his family – and Christmas day is bigger with my family. My parents actually have the entire family over on Christmas Day – and it may be a bit selfish – but I am not ready to give that up. At the same time – he doesn’t want to give his Christmas Eve up. So our compromise was Christmas Eve will be with his family, and then late that night or early Christmas Day we will drive across the state (roughly 2.5 hours) to my family. It is not the most ideal situation, but it is definitely do-able – at least for now while we don’t have kids in the equation.

We just had a talk about making sure to start our own traditions. So we decided we were going to start opening each others gifts early, just us, in our home. We are each others family now, and I think it is important that we remember that. So I suggested to A that we do our gifts on our own and I was expecting him to want to open them with his parents or my parents, but he happily agreed. So I am excited about that. It will definitely be tougher once we have kids – but for now, we are going to enjoy the now and our first Christmas together. I hope that everyone else is able to spend the holidays with their loved ones.


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