I just want to say I should not have ate those cajun rice and beans

This is one of the most fantastic videos ever. There are these people, or maybe its one guy, I really don’t know, but they lip-synched a song over Michael Buble’s “Havent Met You Yet” video. They have done a bunch of different videos – but this is by far the best and my favorite.
I LOVE Michael Buble. He is fantastic. If you can see him in concert – go do it – right now. He is hilarious. And his voice is just amazing.
Well these people decided to make this song and put it over Buble’s video, and they are genius. Even Michael Buble called them genius.

“I wanna shave that mustache and then have gelato”. He says this as he is sitting at a coffee table with his wife (who is super hot by the way).
“I drink fire water” What is fire water? And how is that even possible. If Buble drinks it though – count me in.
I think the best part of the entire thing is “I just want to say I should not have ate those Cajun rice and beans” – and then you see Buble sitting there looking like he is about to soil himself. Hilarious.

So I have decided that I want to be friends with these people. Not only are the lyrics hilarious – but it really is not all that bad of a song. Very catchy, and it is getting me through this dragging Thursday. Bring on the weekend.


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