So this weekend was very eventful for A and I. As I have said before, I live about 40 miles from work, and with Boston traffic, my ride home is sometimes over 2 hours. And to have to come home and cook and do all my other wifely duties, it is just a bit too much. So A and I talked to our apartment complex, and even though we only moved in July, because I moved jobs and because my commute is so long, they are considering it a job transfer and letting us get out of our lease. And we don’t have to pay any fees as long as they can find someone to take our apartment. They told us this probably wouldn’t happen until sometime around the end of January. Ok – great. Well Friday they called us and told us they had someone who wanted to move in, but that they wanted to be in by the second week of January, which means we would have to be out by January 2nd.
Minus that being three weeks away and the holidays smack dab in the middle of that. A and I were worried that nothing else would come along and we would be stuck with the place, so we decided to take a gamble and tell them we were good to move out by Jan 2nd. So as of Friday, we were technically going to be homeless in a few short weeks.

So A and I spent the weekend searching all sorts of apartments. We contacted people who had houses for rent on craigslists as well as apartment complexes. The problem with renting from a person is they usually want at least a years lease – and we don’t want to commit to that – we are really trying to find a house within the next 6-9 months. So we ended up realizing that we were probably going to have to take something similar to what we are in now, and do an apartment complex.
Thank goodness we eventually found a nice one that has immediate availability and in a great location. It is almost half way for the both of us, it’s closer for A, but he has to deal more with the city traffic. It’s also a bit more expensive, but it is also bigger, which is good, because all the wedding gifts we got were really filling up our place. But, now, because Christmas is next weekend, and New Years is the following weekend – the only weekend that we have the ability to move with some help of friends and family, is this coming weekend. So we have this week to pack up everything in our little apartment, to get ready for this weekend when we move over to the other apartment. Holidays are busy enough – we didn’t need this added stress.
But I am grateful that I will be cutting my commute time in half if not more. I will save so much time. Even though I hate moving – and the idea of having to go home tonight and start packing makes me angry.
And thinking that next week will involve unpacking makes me sad.
Oh well, it’s what makes life interesting I guess. And as long as A and I are in it together, it’s all good 🙂


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