Last minute gift ideas for kids

So Christmas is only 10 days away. When did that happen? I don’t know if it is because Christmas Eve and Christmas Day fall on a weekend – but December has seemed incredibly short. Thankfully, A and I were able to get almost all of our shopping done before Thanksgiving. But I know this is not the case for most people.
I am sure there are plenty of folks out there right now that are scrambling to find some gifts for their children, niece/nephews, cousins etc.
How about .. an old banana? an onion? half eaten sandwich? a hammer? a stapler? It’s been done. And they are all things that are probably easily obtainable. Just a few nights ago, Jimmy Kimmel ran a segment on his late night show, called “YouTube Challenge – I Gave My Kids a Terrible Present”. It is pretty hilarious. Some of the kids are pretty cute – while others seem to be super brats. But it is a funny idea nonetheless. So if you are looking around for a last-minute gift, specifically a terrible gift, check out this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live.


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