So as I stated in an earlier post, A and I are moving. It was very last-minute, and is a bad time seeing as it is so close to the holidays. But whatever – we made it work. We spent most of last week packing up the apartment.

On Saturday we made a few trips with both our cars and started bringing boxes over. Then on Sunday, both our parents came out with their trucks and helped us bring all the big stuff. It helped that along with our parents, his two sisters and a fiancée was there to help, so it made the moving on Sunday go by pretty quick.
Here are some progression pictures over the weekend as we started unpacking.

Of course our first priority was putting up the Christmas tree and decorations 🙂

Of course, Monday, a day after we moved in to the new place, the old apartment place called and said they people that they had to take over our apartment actually backed out so we still had it. A and I had talked to them about breaking the lease early because of my job move, and they had agreed to January 31st or if they could find someone sooner. Well they told us a little over a week ago that they had someone and that we had to be out in three weeks. We agreed, and because of the holidays, made the move this weekend. I am sorry, but you told us to move out early, and we agreed that we would do it – and now because you didn’t cover all of your bases you want us to continue paying for the apartment. I don’t think so. This has been causing a lot of anxiety for me – I have anxiety issues to begin with, so this put me over the edge a little bit. A went to talk to them and they are trying to find someone by the end of the month, but they said we might need to pay up until January 31st since that was the original agreement. Again, I don’t think so. That would mean A and I would be paying over $3,000 for rent in one month because we would have two apartments. I refuse to pay them – they were the ones that messed up. But I don’t need this stress around the holidays. Any advise on how to handle the old apartment people is greatly appreciated 🙂


2 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Thanks for following my blog! Congrats on finding a new place so quickly, but I’m really sorry about the old place. Did they give you anything in writing or email form when the agreement was first made? That’s the only thing I could think of, short of helping them find someone to rent it sooner. I’m sorry, good luck.

    • We have in writing an agreement that we would be out by January 31st, but that is the only thing in writing that we have. The agreement to be out by January 2nd was all verbal. They called us and said they had someone that wanted it but we would have to be out by Jan 2nd so we agreed – but this was all just done verbally. Lesson learned – have them document it.

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