Two Thousand and Eleven – A Year in Review

As Christmas and the New Year approaches, I can’t help but think back at the past year and be thankful for everything that I have. I have had some big things go on this year – some great things – and I consider myself incredibly lucky.
I just entered the blogging world, so I figured a quick recap of my past year might be a good idea.

I started off the year being engaged to my best friend and only nine months away from our big day. We spent New Years Eve in CT with a bunch of our friends and had a blast.
The first couple of months this year were spent in physical therapy. I had just had knee surgery (ACL and meniscus) – and was working to get my strength back.
Over February break, a couple of girls and I flew out to Houston Texas to visit a friend that was doing a work rotation down there. It’s true what they say, everything really is bigger in Texas πŸ™‚

Also in February, A and I went up to Attitash Mountain in North Conway, New Hampshire with a couple of friends. He did some skiing. I was still recovering from my knee surgery, so I had no problem doing some outlet shopping with my friend while the boys hit the slopes πŸ™‚

I am excited that this year I am able to get back on the slopes. Although I won’t be skiing. Me being uncoordinated and my “bad” knee don’t work well with skis, so I will be getting on the good old snowboard!
In March, A and I got to experience our first St. Patty’s Day in Southie. Southie is a section of Boston that is predominately Irish – and gets absolutely crazy on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Some of our friends live in Southie and threw a crazy party – with a DJ and all.

Much of the later spring was dedicated to good old wedding planning. Every weekend it was one thing or another. We also had our first wedding to go to of the year in May. It was number 1 of 5 in 2011 – not including our own.
We saw off to two of our very good friend, who are overseas fighting for our freedom.

I am thankful for them and for every other marine and soldier who is fighting for our country and for freedom. I hope that everyone takes a timeout of their busy lives to realize that there are people out their sacrificing their lives for us.
What was amazing, is these two guys, two of A’s best friends, were still able to make it to the wedding. They left to go overseas TWO days later, but were able to get a weekend away from base to come up to the wedding – and it meant the world to A and I.
Over the summer leading up to our wedding day in September, we had three weddings, along with trying to finish up planning our own wedding.
A and I went to a number of concerts this past year – actually probably too many to list. Most of which are artists none one has really heard of – and concerts that take place during the week – so we get tickets for around 15 bucks each which is pretty darn good for live music!

We also made a few trips to the beach with some friends. It is convenient that A’s parents have a house on Cape Cod, so we can go and visit family and get the beach in at the same time. It was also convenient that our previous apartment was only 5 minutes from a beach.

With my new job, I had to start driving to work instead of taking public transportation. While I hated the long commute (2 hours on my way home is just miserable), I have to say I had a beautiful ride in the morning along the ocean.

My bridesmaids and friends planned an amazing bachelorette for me in Atlantic City at the end of the summer. They rented out a vacation home for a long weekend and it was fantastic and so much fun. We did the beach during the day and some shopping. We spent one night in a club and the other night at a bar on the beach. I found it quite ironic that my bachelorette party was on the same weekend a year late that A had proposed πŸ™‚

I started a new job in August – which I love and am excited to see where this takes me.
Then came the big day. September 10, 2011. I married my best friend. And I am sure there are people out there that don’t think your husband can be your best friend or that people just say that to say that – but he truly is my best friend. We had the perfect day. The weather was gorgeous, and everything turned out exactly how we planned.

After the wedding weekend extravaganza – we traveled over to Italy for 15 days. Words can’t even describe how amazing it was. I won’t say much about it now or share any pictures because I plan on writing a couple posts about our experience later. But it was amazing. End of story.
After the honeymoon, we came back to the states as a married couple and welcomed the fall season. We had one more wedding to attend for the 2011 year. We also went apple picking and picked/carved pumpkins – which I was super excited about because I can’t remember the last time I have done either of these. How I live in New England and haven’t done it every year is beyond me.

You also can’t go through fall without some sort of hiking.

The past month or so has involved a lot of packing and moving. Also a lot of family time – which is exactly what is supposed to happen around the holidays.
A and I have had quite a few holiday parties, and we went and saw the Nutcracker for the very first time which was exciting.
We put up our first Christmas tree (twice due to the move) and will be celebrating our first Christmas together as a married couple this weekend which is exciting. I have 11 days off over break so A and I will be doing some traveling to see family and friends. So I apologize if my postings are far and few between for the next couple of weeks. I will be away from the computer and with family and friends – as I hope everyone else is as well.
I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.


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