New Year

Well that was a fantastic break. I apologize for being M.I.A for so long. A and I were constantly on the go the past week or so and blogging was just not on my radar. I have spent a good chunk of today trying to catch up on some of my favorite blogs!
Christmas was fantastic. A and I enjoyed our own little Christmas before we began all our traveling. He got me a Lenovo android tablet .. basically an iPad for those of you that don’t know what it is .. we are just not Apple people so he went with a tablet. It is pretty sweet because it took the place of my old nook, and I can also get online quickly without having to fire up the computer. I just got A a bunch of clothes because he was in desperate need of it. I had also just gotten him a sweet birthday present (DJ turntables), so I was trying to be a little more practical with the Christmas gifts.
We spent Christmas Eve and a couple days before on the Cape with his family, and late Christmas Eve night we left for Western Mass to be with my family.
Last week I was off from work, but stayed busy finishing the move from our old apartment to the new apartment and unpacking. The place is almost done and it is looking good. This past Friday we left for Connecticut to spend the long weekend with A’s friends from home. A has been friends with these guys since elementary school – I think it is so fantastic that they have been able to stay so close through and past college. They are all great guys and I love all their girlfriends/fiancee’s – so we always have a good time together. On NYE we all went out to dinner to some fancy restaurant, and then rang in the New Year at a friends apartment.

All in all it was an amazing break and I am a little sad to have to get back to work tomorrow – although I am definitely feeling rejuvenated.

A and I have decided to do Insanity together. Today was Day 1.

I have had it for awhile, and I will do a video occasionally, but with the new year, and A really needing to join me in getting in shape, we decided to try and do it together. We will be attempting to get up in the morning before work to do it – we will see how that goes – 5am will come far too quick I am sure.

I hope everyone had a great holiday.


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