Missing in Action

So it’s been awhile since my last post. I haven’t been feeling very inspired. I have also been ridiculously busy at work. EC started classes this week, so I spent the end of last week doing all the last-minute prep work, and then this week dealing with all the confusion from both students and professors. So after spending long busy days in the office, the last thing I want to do when I get home is jump on the computer.

Another thing that is missing in action, is a 10K check that should have been mailed to A. So A sold his car. He loved it, but he doesn’t really use it, so we thought we would try to save some money over the winter and go down to only 1 car. We paid the thing off, and eventually found someone who wanted to buy it, and we actually made 2K off of it. Well great. A 16-year-old kid with the help of his father bought the car. They gave us a 2K personal check, and then a 10K banker check. We were a little nervous about the personal check, but we knew where these people lived, and they seemed like very honest people so we said it was okay. Well we put the money in our checking account, and then after it looked like it cleared, we moved it over to our savings, since we don’t like keeping a lot of money in our checking. Well go figure, there weren’t the proper signatures on the bank check, so the 10K bounced, and we went to a negative amount of money in our checking account. Fantastic. We immediately went to the bank and they said it was getting mailed back to us as and when we got it we would need to get all the signatures (for some reason the people who bought the car also need to sign this check), and then deposit the check again. Well this was over 2 weeks ago, and still no check. It has gone M.I.A. And every time we call the bank they tell us to wait one more day, one more day. It is incredibly frustrating. We eventually moved some money from savings into checking so that we at least would not be in the negative and get all these crazy fees, but I would love it if this missing 10K check would appear in my mailbox today so that this whole thing could get straightened out. Please and thank you.


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