Music sounds better with you :)

So yesterday on my way home from work, I happened to be listening to the radio. I say happened because typically I am listening to my Zune, radio music can be extremely frustrating because they play the same four songs over and over again. I like to listen to a talk show on the radio in the morning, and my Zune on the way home. Well yesterday I didn’t feel like rummaging through my purse while driving, so I went with the good old radio. And I heard a song I haven’t heard before. Shocking. And I got excited because the announcers mentioned a new song out called “Music Sounds Better With You” (hello blog name). At A and I’s wedding reception, we came out to a song with that name. It fit us perfectly as we are both big music lovers, and it was upbeat and fun. It was a fantastic song for us, and whenever I hear it, it brings me back to our special day and just us in general.
So needless to say, I was interested to hear this new song with the same name. And then I heard who “sang” it, and my excitement began to wane. It is by Big Time Rush, or whatever that band is called. I am not entirely sure. But I am not a fan. Sorry for any of you fans out there, but just not my cup of tea.
Well I gave the song a shot. And I felt like this:

Maybe it’s because I love the Stardust version and it brings back some good memories. Maybe it’s because I am over the whole boy band thing. But I was just not a fan.
Sorry to all you Big Time Rush fans out there.
I will stick with Stardust’s version of the song 🙂


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