That getting sick feeling

Ever get that feeling where you know you are getting sick. You don’t feel sick yet … but you feel it coming, you know it’s there, hiding, waiting to be unleashed.

Well that is how I felt yesterday. I ended up going to bed a couple of hours earlier than normal last night because I just did not feel myself, and thought that maybe if I got some extra sleep I could dodge the bullet.

I woke up this morning, and could not get myself out of bed. Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, still exhausted. Yup, I am getting sick.

Womp womp. How am I supposed to continue training/running for my relay marathon at the end of February, when I can barely breathe just sitting here. Please make this be a quick cold and be done and gone in a few days. Please. Thank you.

Oh – and just as a side note. A and I are hopefully going to be adding to our family very soon!! No – no babies yet. A puppy!! We have been talking about getting an english bulldog for a long time coming now. We have been in contact with a couple breeders, and tonight we are actually going to go see a breeder and her pups – Hopefully we can get on the waiting list for the next litter that will be born sometime this week!


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