I have a few confessions to make today.

One. I LOVE One Tree Hill.

I know I know. Many of you are probably saying “What, is that show even still on?!” or maybe even “I stopped watching that when Lucas and Peyton left.”. Well I haven’t stopped watching it, and to be honest, I love it. I thought it was done and over after last season. They wrapped things up pretty nicely – even though I was a little sad to see it end. I mean it has been 8 years. But then they announced they would do one more final season. Awesome. I might plan things around Wednesday night’s because of One Tree Hill. No big deal. So when you try to make plans to hang out with me on Wednesday night and I say that I can’t because I already have plans – it’s really just because I can’t miss an episode.

Two. I am most definitely sick.

I thought I might be getting sick yesterday. But I know today, that I am definitely sick. I came into work anyways. Bad idea. I am in a haze today so who knows if anything I have done has been productive, and I am probably getting everyone else sick. At the same time, I work at a college, and these kids breed sickness and are probably the reason I am sick – so I am not all that concerned if I get them sick. Womp.

Three. Our puppy might have been born today!

This probably doesn’t really sound like a confession. But A and I agreed that we wouldn’t tell anybody about this until we knew if the puppy was ours or not – but I just couldn’t help it! We met with the breeder last night, and we got on the list for the litter that was being born today. The picture above is some english bulldogs from a previous litter with the same father. We were somewhat high on the list, but the breeder said often times people back out, so we still have a good shot of getting one. So keep your fingers crossed for us!

Four. I have not run since Saturday.

This bothers me. I used to love running. And I sort of fell out of love with it for a while. But now we are back in a relationship – I love running again. Since I can’t play soccer anymore, it has been away to unwind, clear my head, and just feel good about myself. And being sick, I haven’t been able to run since my 7 mile run on Saturday. And it is making me feel guilty and anxious. But I will make it through this.

The End.


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