Hey buddy, how about a blinka

So we have all seen the MILLIONS of spin-offs from the “Sh*t girls say” videos. If you don’t know what I am talking about, check it out on you tube.
So of course because that was such a huge hit, everyone and their mother decided they needed to make something similar. There was sh*t guys say, sh*t nobody says, sh*t white girls say, etc. You catch my drift. Well then people started making ones like “Sh*t New Yorker’s say”, and Sh*t people in LA say”.
Well last night I saw for the first time “Sh*t Boston Guys Say”. And being a lifelong resident of Massachusetts / Boston, I found this hilarious. These guys nailed it on the head. And can I just say, that I am pretty sure I say “hey buddy, how bout a blinka” every single day when I am stuck in Boston traffic. “You gonna let me in or what” is another commonly used phrase.
So give this video a shot. If you are from Boston or just Massachusetts in general, have ever visited, or know someone from here, you will find it dead on.


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