Back in the groove with T minus 16 days until the race

Last week I spent most of the week sick. Which meant there was no running or training going on. Bad news. But, I was hoping it would help me get better quicker. This week I have felt much better, although I think I got A sick, because he seems to have what I had, just not as bad.

This week I have gotten back into the groove of running and getting ready for the relay marathon at the end of the month. Only 16 more days!
I finally was able to get my hands on a map of the race.

The 8 mile leg goes 1st and 3rd. I would get completely overwhelmed at the starting line with all those runners and it would totally mess up my pacing. Not to mention I would probably trip and fall and there goes the whole race and our chances of winning a medal!

Ha! We won’t be winning any medals – but nonetheless, I wouldn’t be able to handle going first. So our other 8 mile leg teammate agreed that he would do the first leg, and that I could do the third leg. I am pumped because that portion of the race is along the coast the most, so hopefully I can get distracted by the ocean and not remember that I am running 8 miles.

In other news, but related to running, my sneakers are on their way out. I have had them for too long. Now I am a sneaker person. A gets mad because I will come home with pairs of different colored casual sneakers and he just asks why. I can’t help it. I have gotten better. But I haven’t bought a pair of running sneakers in quite some time. I figured this marathon running was great incentive and a way to reward myself for my hard work.
I found a pair yesterday that I fell in love with. I loved the color – and when I tried them on, they were the most amazing thing ever. They were a little more expensive than I usually spend on running shoes. But it’s important to have good running shoes, especially with all my knee issues in the past. Here they are:

Well I decided to wait, and talk to A about it. I didn’t want to just come home with another pair of sneakers. But when I told him about them, he told me he thought I should get them. I was so excited. We are a team, so I like being on the same page about purchases, so I was excited that he was on board.
So this morning I did a little research on those Nike sneakers as well as a bunch of other running sneakers. These aren’t the best obviously, but I found a decent deal on them and they are much better than the running shoes I have had in the past. So I am going to go with it 🙂
One more run outside today with my old sneakers (hello 50 degree weather!) – and then I am going out after work to pick up my new kicks! I’ll have to break them in this weekend.

Happy Friday.


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