New shoes!


Yesterday I had a great run after work. I ran roughly 3.45 miles in 27 minutes I think. Basically I was running just under 8 minute miles – which is a personal best.  I mean I was doing that back in high school, but I am getting old, so it felt really good.

This weekend A and I went home to visit my family. Saturday I decided to go running with my younger sister, who already has one marathon under her belt. She was going running with one of her friends, who is a cop and has several races under his belt as well. So let’s just say I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with them. But, not only did I keep up, but I was actually going faster than my sister. She had a long run the previous day so she said she was a little tired, but still, I was very impressed with myself that I was able to keep up. We did 5.5 miles and I was ready to just keep going. We were running an 8:30 mile pace I think.

But, remember when I said I got new shoes, well I tried breaking them in by walking around in them for a bit, but running 5.5 miles might not have been the best idea. At about the 4 mile marker, my sister was like “Uh did you know you are bleeding?”. And sure enough, both my heels were bleeding. What’s funny is they didn’t hurt at all and I wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t said anything. I got pissed because I was already getting my brand new kicks dirty.
It was only after we finished our run and I started walking that my heels started hurting. Oh well. I was more concerned with the blood on my sneakers. When we got home I was thankfully able to get the blood off. But it was a good lesson. Properly break in your sneakers before going on longer runs with them!

Today I decided not to run. Give my heels a chance to heal and to give my knees a break. I am so worried about over doing it and messing them up. I do not need surgery again. But I did hit up the gym and do the elliptical and some abs so I am feeling good.

13 more days until race day!


2 thoughts on “New shoes!

  1. Hey thanks for following my blog. 🙂 I actually just got these same tennis shoes last Saturday. I went for a 5k on Sunday and I, too, tore up my heels. I’m still letting them heal. Did your shoes finally break in after awhile? Great blog! Congrats on your marathon time, too!

    • Yes, thankfully! I had to switch it up a few times back to my old sneakers. And whenever I used the new ones, I made sure to bandaid and pre-wrap my heels up and I was good!
      Thanks so much!
      As a fellow PCOS’er I look forward to following your blog! 🙂

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