Just one of those days

Yesterday while at work, A told me that he was cooking me dinner and that he didn’t want me to help or do anything. He wanted it to be a me night. I couldn’t argue with that. So when we got home from work, he ran out and got some stuff for dinner. And while he cooked, I sat on the couch and read some papers for work that I have been putting off. We had some Dashboard Confessional going on in the background and a couple of glasses of wine. It was really quite wonderful. A was yelling and swearing in the kitchen because things weren’t going right and he said he didn’t time things correctly. I laughed and said it wasn’t as easy as it looked – and he agreed with me. I think it made him a bit more appreciative of me cooking every night 🙂

Anyways, dinner was fantastic. He made a huge mess of the kitchen, and it took him awhile, but the final product was great. I probably couldn’t have made it better myself. He made shrimp scampi, because shrimp is one of my favorites.


A had decided to cook with his work clothes on, and spilled some grease on his pants, so I scrubbed the stains, and then threw a small load of laundry into the washer. Well the wine had made me sleepy, so I ended up falling asleep early, and before the washer had ended. I woke up at 2 in the morning and was wide awake, so I decided to put the few things in the washer onto our drying rack since I didn’t want to put the dryer on and wake up A. Well when morning rolled around, I decided to throw the clothes into the dryer – and immediately something started banging. I thought weird, what in the world is in the dryer. Opened it up, and what do I find …

Yup – that would be my cell phone. Because I was trying to find a few things to just throw in the wash with A’s pants, I threw my jeans on the floor in, not even thinking twice that my cell phone might be in my pocket. EPIC fail.

So of course it doesn’t work. Doesn’t even think about turning on. Why would it when it say in a washer for the entire cycle. Sad face. I woke up already in a somewhat bad mood for some reason. I think part of it had to do with after dinner, I felt a little ignored by A. He had cooked dinner and then cleaned up so he wanted to just relax – but I was looking for some attention. When I didn’t get it, I pouted and then decided I was just going to go to sleep. So that had kind of carried over into the morning. And then the cell phone thing happened. So needless to say I was very moody and cranky, and might have taken it out on A a little. Meanwhile, he is busy trying to get his old iPhone turned iPod switched back to an iPhone and with my number, so that I can at least have a cell phone. I told him it didn’t matter, but he didn’t want me without a cell phone. It’s when you don’t have one – that you end up really needing one. He said the last thing he needs is me on the side of the road, broken down, and no way of getting in touch with anyone. Valid point. He was a trooper and put up with my crankiness and even got me a phone to use while mine is out of commission. What a guy. Don’t worry – I have since apologized – twice.

Oh, and on top of that, he got me flowers. We are not big Valentine’s day people. I hate the crazy markup on flowers and chocolate etc. But A got me some flowers for my desk at work. He is truly the greatest ❤


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