We’re gonna be parents! Sort of :)

So I think I mentioned awhile ago that we were put on a waiting list for an English bulldog pup. We found an AMAZING breeder with beautiful bulldogs, and they were expecting a litter to be born within a few days, but they already had a waiting list. A absolutely wanted a boy – he has had boy bulldog’s his whole life and was set on a boy. So we were number 8 on the waiting list. Well when the pups were born, there were 5 boys and 4 girls. Awesome, but that most likely meant no pup for us this time around. The breeder insured us however that we would be on top of the list for the next time around. She said if anyone back out, we might still have a chance – but A and I weren’t getting our hopes up.

Well yesterday night, while A was at the gym at our apartment complex, he got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. I almost answered it in case it was something important from work and I could just go run and grab him. I decided against it because he gets too involved with work as it is. I figured it could wait.

So as I was cooking dinner, he comes in, and I let him know about the missed call. Well he listens to the call and then comes running over looking ecstatic. It was the breeder!! Three people ended up backing out, and while we would have the last pick of the boys, she wanted to know if we were still interested.


I screamed and started running around like a crazy person. A called back immediately and told her we were still interested, so they chatted for a while. But we are finally getting the English bulldog that we have been talking about for like 5 years now.
Three boys are already claimed, so there are 2 left, one of which will be ours.
There is Grady:

and Jetson:

We love both of them, so we don’t care that we are getting last pick. One of the ones that is left, Grady, is actually one of the breeder’s favorite out of the litter, so we are kind of hoping for that one. I am beyond excited!! A and I had got a book a couple of years ago on how to take care of a bulldog but we had not started to read it yet. Well last night we decided that we would read a bit of it before bed each night. The pups are only about 3-4 weeks old maybe – so we still have to wait 4-5 weeks until he can come home with us. I have no idea how I am going to wait that long. We are going to go there this weekend to visit with them πŸ™‚

Here is a video of all the little guys, they are so cute!!

Now starts the fun of puppy proofing the house and buying toys for the little guy πŸ™‚


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