Random Thoughts

So just a few random thoughts.

1)This week has been extremely busy at work and has resulted in some late nights. Not fun. But it’s alright, I would rather be busy than bored at work. But being busy has resulted in some negligence towards blogging. Sorry.

2)This weekend is the BIG weekend. And by this I mean my Relay Marathon!!!
I have been gearing up for this for a few months now, and it’s finally here. I am ready. I know I can finish it, just now sure how quick I will be. I haven’t done much running this week. A couple shorter runs just to get my legs moving. Also trying to make sure I eat some carbs so I have enough energy for the weekend. Wish me luck!

3)We get to see our little puppy tomorrow! Hopefully we will know which one is ours, since it was between two the last time we talked to the breeder. A and I have been reading a ‘how to raise your English bulldog’ book before bed each night. It’s something fun to do together. A is not a big reader, but I love reading, and it’s kind of fun doing it together and learning some tips about raising a pup.

4)A and I found a house that we really liked. We went and looked at it a couple of times, and even had A’s parents come out to look at it. But it’s a little more expensive than we were thinking and it’s a little more house than we need. Our Realtor seems to think that an offer was made, so it looks like we won’t be getting that house. And there isn’t much else out there right now. House buying is incredibly frustrating.

5)It is Friday. Bring on the weekend! 🙂


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