Run in a Marathon …. Check!!

So I did it.

Well sort of. For those that haven’t been following all along, I have been training to run in a relay marathon. I have had multiple knee surgeries and was told by my doctor that marathons were off limit. People with healthy knees ruin their knees running marathons, never mind people with fake knees like myself. He told me I shouldn’t be going over 5 miles … but 5 miles really isn’t much. I signed up for this relay marathon, and took one of the longer legs at 7 miles. I have been training over the past couple months. Luckily the weather has been pretty good this winter so it hasn’t been too bad running outside.

Well yesterday was the big day, and of course it was one of the coldest days within the past couple of weeks. It wasn’t so much the cold, but the crazy wind. But it was sunny, so I am not going to complain. The race was in Hyannis MA. Here is me pre race:

Go time was at 10am, so we headed to the race around 915. This would end up being about 3 hours before I actually started running. Because my phone went through the washer machine, I ended up buying a used iPhone. One of the runners on my team who has an iPhone introduced me to Nike+ GPS – which is a program that plays your music as well as tracks your run and time, and tells you your pace. It will also tell you this as you run, at each mile. It was super cool. Well I decided to use it for the first time during my run to try to keep a good pace.

My run was great. It was a little chilly, but once you got going it wasn’t really cold anymore. The views along the water were beautiful. I of course had to try to take a picture as I ran.

This was probably around mile 4. I think – and the reason I am not sure, was because my new program that I had just installed and tried out, apparently was a little off. As I was running, it was telling me I was running a 9:08 mile pace. I thought I was running faster, but some days you have it and others you don’t. I figured today was just not my day. But I forced myself to stay around that 9 minute mark because I didn’t want to be going any slower than that. Well I started to think things were off when I noticed the mile markers on the street that the marathon organizers put out on the course. I eventually realized that my gps thing was an entire mile off!! When I ended up finishing my run, it was telling me I ran 6 miles, when clearly I just ran 7.

So, I finished my 7 miles in 56 minutes … which when you do the math … is 8 minute miles! I was in shock. I mean I felt like I was running fast and I was cruising by some people trying to make up some time since our second runner had run a bit slower. But I was not expecting 8 minute miles, especially since my new little program was telling me I was running over 9 minute miles. I was so pumped. This was an awesome time for me. This is me, after the race:

Our last runner was actually not ready for me because no one thought I would be there so quick. I ended up being the fast time on our team. Go me! I was very happy with my performance. Our unofficial team time for the marathon is 3 hours and 50 minutes. We are waiting to find out our official time – but I am pretty pleased with how we did.

Here is our team picture after the race.

While I was waiting around to start my leg, I met a few other runners that were waiting as well, so we chatted. One of them was telling me that I had to do the road race in Falmouth MA in August. Apparently it is a ton of fun, and it is only a 10K – so I think I might look into that. This was my first real race and I met so many nice people and had such a great experience, that I will definitely be looking into where I can do my next race. It gives me some motivation to keep running and training.
For any runners out there that haven’t actually gotten the nerve to run in a race, I highly recommend it 🙂


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