Wordless Wednesday: Italy

The Amalfi Coast



Venice from a Gondola ride πŸ™‚


Inside the Colosseum




Italy has been one of my most favorite places to visit. It is absolutely beautiful, and these pictures don’t do it justice. Put it on your list of places you must visit.


Music Monday

Someone’s got a case of the Mondays.

It was a long busy weekend, with lots of driving. But that is what A and I do. We are off driving somewhere to see someone every weekend.

There will be no driving this weekend though. I am looking forward to this coming weekend because …. GOOMBA comes home. A and I have Friday off, and we will be spending the entire weekend with the little guy and getting him used to us and the apartment.

Here are a couple new pictures. He’s getting so big so fast.

Tell me he is not the cutest thing you have ever seen.


Well it is Monday, and like most week days, I need music to get me through the work day. I decided to make Mondays Music Monday’s, and post my current favorite song or some new stuff that I might have heard over the weekend. Real original, I know. Get over it, I did.

Today’s music comes to you from Dada Life. Never been to a concert, but they have a fetish with bananas – and since I am not a fan of bananas whatsoever, I am not sure I want to go. But that doesn’t mean I can’t jam out to their tunes.

On second thought, even though I might be too old for this kind of thing, it did look pretty wild and fun. I guess I could give a concert a shot. Just keep the bananas away from me.

There is also a vocal version of the above song which is just as good.

Happy listening πŸ™‚

Your Hand In Mine

Happy Friday.

Not much to say right now, other than I am incredibly glad it is almost the weekend.

I know most people are looking for some up-beat music right now to get themselves ready for the weekend, but it’s not quite the weekend yet people. We still need to get ourselves through the work day.

And to help you do that, listen to “Your Hand In Mine” … on repeat. It’s 8 minutes of pure gold. You might recognize it, it was used in the NBC show “Friday Night Lights”. Which I loved, so if you have never watched it, all the seasons are on Netflix and you should check it out.

But anyways, take a listen to help you get through your Friday work day. And check out some other tunes from Explosions in the Sky while you are at it. You won’t regret it.


I really feel like I should have it all together by now. But I feel the complete opposite. I feel like I am at a crossroads right now, with a million different ways to choose, and part of me wanting to go off in each direction.

Last night A and I went for a long walk since it was so incredibly nice out. And we spent that hour long walk talking about a lot of things. Family, holidays, cars, renting, buying a house, our jobs, where we want to live .. or not live.

I know I have mentioned this before, but part of me wants to run off to some new city or entirely new country, and live there for a few years. Another part of me wants to stay somewhere local and buy a home and start a family. But where that somewhere local is I still don’t know. A did a lot of the talking last night, he is one of those talk as he thinks kind of people. Where as I am quiet and think everything through in my head before saying anything. So when he finished talking and asked me where I saw us living – I hadn’t had enough time to think, and it was like I had forgotten how to speak. I didn’t know what to say. When I started speaking, it was just gibberish that came out of my mouth. We have had this conversation before though, so he understood what I was trying to say thankfully.

I don’t know what I want. I don’t want to pick up and move, and regret that I didn’t stay and settle down. I don’t want to settle down, and always think about what I missed not trying a new place for a couple of years. If I do settle down, I don’t want it to be in the wrong place. Why can’t I just know what I want.

Sorry, don’t mean to get all depressing here. That’s life right, you aren’t supposed to know what to do or what’s going to happen, you just need to sit back and enjoy the ride. I just needed to voice my thoughts a bit I guess. And remind myself that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

If you are having one of those days, with just a million different emotions running through you, than take a listen to Tom Day’s “Home”. You just feel so at ease listening to it. He somehow manages to capture every emotion possible into a 6 minute song and you can’t help but wonder what it was you were worried about before you started listening.

Happy Thursday ya’ll. And cheers to the good weather and almost weekend.

I would never make it out alive

We all have different reasons for working out. Some are looking to lose weight … others are looking to stay in shape … while others are doing it just to stay alive …

I love these ecards, they are hilarious. And this one just really got me going this morning. True story that if I was in the hunger games, I wouldn’t have made it out alive. So I guess my new goal for working out is to become Katniss, so when the world someday becomes a hunger games scenario, I will be ready.

I need to stock up on bow and arrows, spears, and climbing rope. And learn which berries are edible and which are on the do not eat or you will die list.


It’s late. And I have a long day tomorrow … watching all the drunk people celebrating St. Patty’s. It’s quite hilarious.

But A and I went to visit Goomba this morning so I wanted to post a few pics. He is getting so big. It is so hard to leave him – but less than a couple of weeks now before he is home!!

A was so cute with the little guy. I couldn’t help but take a million pictures of them. Excuse the not so great photos, I just got a used iPhone (since I put my old phone through the wash), so I am still trying to get used to the whole iPhone and camera on the phone.










A and I went snowboarding yesterday. His sister and her fiancΓ©e got us a gift card to Stratton mountain as a wedding gift. We figured we should probably use it this season, because getting a puppy will make spontaneous trips much more difficult to do next year.

It was a blast – but I am sooo incredibly sore today.

It has been 2 years since I have been boarding. And the last time I went, I was not very good. Skiing is a disaster for me – I am nowhere near coordinated enough. Snowboarding I can manage … but with my knee surgery last year, I wasn’t able to get out on the mountain. I was worried forgot how to board, or that I would have issues with my knee and kill myself going down the mountain.

Well I actually did really well. A ski’s and snowboard’s, and is amazing at both. He just has this knack for all things extreme. I am actually pretty jealous. He was a pretty good teacher and actually helped me get pretty decent in one day. I am terrified of lifts – I don’t like having to get on and off them, I am always worried about falling and having to have them stop the lift so I can get myself situated. But at Stratton, they have gondolas that take you to the top of the mountain, where you literally walk on and off, both feet on the ground, so I was all about that yesterday.
I would consider myself in pretty decent shape, being that I just ran in a relay marathon and have been continuing to work out – but you use such different muscles boarding. So I am incredibly sore today. Not to mention that I ate it hard on more than a few occasions when I started getting to comfortable and getting a little crazy. Of course I had a helmet, I made sure that A and I both got one. Thank goodness too, because there were a few times where I went down pretty hard and hit my head.

All in all we had an amazing day. It was a little too warm actually. It was about 65, so some trails were starting to melt and it got kind of annoying, but at least we weren’t freezing. Happy six months to us!

Here are a few pictures from our day πŸ™‚

This is the resort area. It is so quaint and cute. Because it has been very warm and because it is a bit later in the season, it was pretty dead when we got there. Actually, it was pretty dead all day. We didn’t wait in line once for any of the lifts.

Just a view from the main base area.

View all the way from the top πŸ™‚

A strapping up.

Me posing – probably after I took a good digger.


Another nice thing about the trip yesterday … a day off from work! So while today feels like Monday, it is actually Tuesday! Love 4 day work weeks!