Cupcake ATM

Happy Friday.

This morning I learned of an amazing invention.

Have you ever been just wandering around at 2 in the morning after the bars close, and all you really want is a cupcake. No? You are lying to yourself then, because its science. At some point, I know you were craving a cupcake of some sort. Or at least some kind of dessert – it’s just what happens when you are up at that time. And it’s a problem, because where are you going to find anything open at that time to fulfill your craving.

Well someone decided to solve this problem. Say hello to the worlds first cupcake ATM.

Yes, a 24 hour, cupcake ATM. I wish I had thought of that. Some bakery in LA came up with the genius idea – and says that they will stock it with fresh cupcakes day and night. It also dispenses ingredients to make your own cupcakes at home. What a fantastic idea. Too bad this is only in LA. Can this come to Boston please.

Is it bad that it is 8 in the morning here and all I want now is a cupcake. If only I had a 24 hour cupcake ATM. . .


2 thoughts on “Cupcake ATM

  1. God…cupcakes are my nemesis…I would literally have killer abs if I could ditch cupcakes and beer. I live in a downtown area and between my parking structure and the entrance to my building is (in my opinion) the best cupcakes in the Los Angeles area…if they had this machine…well…thankfully they don’t. Be careful what you wish for!

  2. Ah yes – I know if I had access to this it would be bad news all around. I guess I will consider myself lucky that I don’t have one of these around. You live in LA eh, you must seek out this cupcake ATM and let me know if it’s everything I dream of and more 🙂

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