Week Recap

Happy Thursday.

This past weekend I did something crazy. It’s really not that crazy, but it was a little out there for me. When it comes to clothes, I am pretty plain Jane. I love black and white. I occasionally try to mix and match some random things together, but for the most part, I would save I am pretty conservative when it comes to clothes.

That is until this weekend, when I went out and bought these bad boys:

Yes, flaming red-hot pants. I mean they were more a coral-red. But red nonetheless. I came home, and A just stared at me, and then laughed and told me that I was joking. But oh no, I was very serious. I had just bought myself red pants. I mean, they were only 15 bucks, how could I not. He said I wouldn’t wear them.

BUT, I actually wore them. Saturday night. Myself and three other girls had planned a girls night. We first went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We then continued this Southern theme, and went to a place called the Cadillac Ranch. And it’s just what it sounds like.

A whole lot of this:

It is a country bar, so combine a few drinks with some country music, and you have some line dancing. They do an hour lesson before just playing music the rest of the night. And it was quite hilarious. I think the most impressive thing was these two guys that I legit think came out of the movie “Step Up”. They did a mix of hip hop with line dancing, and it was phenomenal. I wish I had thought of recording it. It was epic.

Sunday A and I continued our house hunting search with a few open houses – and again it was extremely discouraging and we knocked out a couple houses that we had high hopes for. I really hope people start putting their houses up soon! Spring is coming people – list those houses!

Monday A and I went down to the breeder’s house to meet our little guy. We had seen all the pups before but we weren’t sure which one was ours, so this was the first time we actually got to hold ours! Of course we got our first family pic!

The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful. Working a lot, as well as trying to keep my running routine going. I don’t have any races currently lined up, but I would like to register for something soon so that I can stay motivated and keep running!

This upcoming weekend will be A and I’s 6 month wedding anniversary. Seems like just yesterday. One of our wedding presents from A’s sister was a gift card to Stratton Mountain. So A and I both took off Monday, and we will be heading up to good old Stratton in Vermont to do some snowboarding. I haven’t been in a couple years now because of my knee, and the last time I did go I was not so great, so this should be interesting. I am hoping I make it out in one piece. I love spring skiing/snowboarding because it is not frigidly cold. So you can actually enjoy being out on the mountain. We just so happened to plan it for the same weekend that our 6 month anniversary fell on, so it will be nice to kind of get away for it.

And to end this post, it is 67 degrees out here in Eastern Massachusetts. SAY WHAT?! In March? I will take it. If you can, go out there and enjoy this marvelous day. I am counting the seconds until I can get out there and enjoy some of that warm sun myself 🙂


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