Sunsets and Car Crashes

This is a rather clever title in my opinion, as it serves multiple purposes.

For starters, it’s Music Monday. And “Sunsets and Car Crashes” is one of my FAVORITE songs from The Spill Canvas. I actually think they might be my all time favorite band. I can listen to any of the their stuff no matter what mood I am in.

If you have never heard the song or of Spill Canvas, then check this out and then check out some of their other stuff. You won’t regret it. Promise

Now on to my weekend. It started off with the latter of Sunsets and Car Crashes. That’s right, a great start to my weekend. I was pretty excited to not have to be traveling anywhere and to just hang out. I had a baby shower on Saturday, which I still had not gotten a gift, so after work I decided to stop at Babys R Us to pick something up.

As a side bar, I really hate that place. It is extremely overwhelming. You can never find anything, or at least I can’t. There are crying babies everywhere. And I don’t know what half the things are in that place.

Anyways, I had a relatively quick and painless Babys R Us experience, and then was on my way home. But I wouldn’t get out of this that easy. As I was driving straight and heading towards an intersection with a green light, a car decided to pull out of a parking lot out of nowhere, and slam into me. Thank you.
Now let me share a diagram that I made for my insurance people, just to make sure they understood what went on here.

I am the green car. I am in the middle lane, minding my own business, traveling straight, preparing to go through an intersection where the light is green. But red car over there had other plans. If you look closely, you will see that where this car was coming from, directly in front of it is a median. Yes, there is a median there, and it is a right turn only, for good reason. This smart kid decided he was going to try to ignore the right turn only, and cross three lanes of traffic – and not only cross three lanes but drive into it because of the median, in order to get to the other side. Great idea buddy.
So he crashed right into the front right side of my car. I was able to drive it over into the parking lot in which he came out of, but it was definitely not drive-able.
Cops came and worked out that whole deal. And then arrived the tow trucks for both our cars. The tow truck driver was super nice. Told me of a really good shop right next to where I live, and offered to drop me off at home as well. And he didn’t charge me mileage! Thank you Mr. Tow Truck driver, wherever you are.

So that was the start to my weekend. Thankfully my godmother is my insurance agent, and she was able to get everything started on this. This happened at 5 o’clock on Friday afternoon/evening, so of course nothing was going to happen over at the insurance companies, but at least she was able to get it into the system to start being processed Monday morning. I picked up my rental car on Saturday morning, which will be paid for by this kid obviously. Had to get something comparable to my car, so I got a Chevy Impala.

It’s newer, has a V6 so it has a little more pep than my Mazda, and it’s got a sunroof. So I am okay with it. But still not happy about all this hassle that I have to deal with! And my poor car 😦 Hopefully should hear back soon what kind of damage they think was done to my car and how much it will cost.

Anyways, after this whole episode, the rest of the weekend went pretty well. A and I just hung around pretty much the entire weekend. Getting things done around the apartment. We went for a stroll around Boston on Saturday night, to get ice cream from JP Licks. Amazing ice cream. Sadly, we learned that the one we always go to is no longer there. Their lease ran out and rent hikes forced them to leave. Very sad. So we went to the grocery store and got ourselves each a half-gallon of ice cream and ate that while we watched Friends with Benefits. Hilarious movie. Justin Timberlake is the man, and is so funny in this movie. It is no Oscar winner clearly, but just a funny Saturday night flick.
Sunday we took Goomba for a long walk around this pond in town. He loved all the attention he was getting from other dog walkers. And we saw a sunset to end our weekend.

Both A and little Goomba were pretty tired last night, they both ended up passing out in my lap, and it was too cute not to take a picture.

Goomba had his paw over A, and they both literally fell asleep like this. Too cute 🙂

So you see, the title Sunsets and Car Crashes serves multiple purposes here. It fulfills my music needs on this Monday Morning. It also accurately sums up my weekend. Hope you all had weekends that involved happy sunsets and no car crashes.

Happy Monday 🙂


The end of soggy cereal

I love cereal. I could eat it all day, every day.

Many people have issues with cereal because it can get soggy super quick. And most hate soggy cereal. I myself love it, but I am weird like that.

So for all you people who hate soggy cereal. Your prayers have been answered.

Tell me this is not one of the greatest inventions ever.

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

You can purchase this at Brookstone:

This could also be used for cookies and milk. Another fantastic idea. Because dipping chocolate chip cookies in milk is out of this world.

Music Monday: The Veldt

Well the Monday workday is almost over.

Just heard this new Deadmau5 song. It’s a bit different from his usual stuff – it’s very chill. Just what I needed for this afternoon.

It’s also got a cool story to it. Deadmau5 created this instrumental piece for “The Veldt”, a short story written by Ray Bradbury. Well he created this, but then let people submit vocals for it, but the vocals had to relate to the story. This guy Chris James sent it in, Deadmau5 fell in love immediately, and so that is how this song came about. It’s always cool when a famous artist finds some unknown talent and brings them in on their work.

Give it a listen.

Friday musings

Some random thoughts for Friday.

Yesterday I taught Goomba how to sit. It was epic. And I was in shock. A came home and couldn’t believe it. Our little piranha gets so excited when we have a treat in our hand to try and teach him something, so it seems like he doesn’t understand what we are saying. But somehow I got through to him yesterday.

A just sent me a remake of Calvin Harris’ “Flashback”.

Wow is this guy talented. Definitely rocking out to this in my office right now.

This weekend is another traveling weekend for us. I have a girlfriend’s bachelorette party down at Mohegan Sun in CT. I have nothing to wear either. Which means I need to go do some shopping between now and tomorrow afternoon.
Here is the original Calvin Harris song from above. The video is kind of crazy. I am kind of hoping my weekend at the Casino turns out being similar to the video 🙂

Happy Friday!

Busy Busy Busy

First of all, I want to say congrats to all my friends who ran in the Boston marathon yesterday. Running a marathon is difficult enough, but running it in record heat, I would have probably passed out.

This weekend I went home to visit my parents and they got to meet little Goomba. I also went to visit my best friend. She has a little miniature pinscher – Zoey. It was quite hilarious watching the two of them run around play together. Zoey was actually afraid of Goomba and would run away – man can that thing run. I wouldn’t have been able to catch her even if I wanted to. So of course there was no way Goomba baby was going to be catching him, but Goomba was smart and used some strategy to try to catch her.

This is probably my most favorite picture ever. Goomba looks sooo ferocious 🙂

And here is another one of G baby just running around in the yard

It was nice because where we live, there is not a ton of room to just run around. We have to constantly keep him on a leash. But out in Western Mass, everyone has huge yards, so it was perfect for little Goomba to just get out and run around like crazy. What was also great about it, was that he slept like a baby after that.

I also got to see my baby cousin this weekend. It has been awhile. I love this little guy. He has a baby brother or sister on the way – I am hoping for godmother status! haha. This little guy is the biggest 2-year-old I have ever seen. But he is so good. And so photogenic!

This weekend was also big, because two of A and I’s very good friends came home from Afghanistan! They are in the marines, and left just two days after our wedding! We didn’t think they would be able to make it, they were down in South Carolina getting ready to be deployed, but they got a weekend leave and were able to come up for it.
They finally came home this weekend – safe and sound. So on Saturday, I was in CT celebrating their return. It was great to see them and I am so happy that they are back with their friends, family, and significant others.

In honor of them, and all the many other soldiers out there right now fighting for our freedom, I just wanted to say thank you. May we all take a little time out of our busy days to remember those that have lost their lives fighting for us, and those that are over there fighting for us right now.

Music Monday: Nero

So last Tuesday A and I went to a concert at the House of Blues in Boston with a couple of our friends. We went to see Nero. Unless you are into electronic music, you probably haven’t heard of them. Electronic music and the dubstep world can be intimidating in my opinion, and some of the stuff is a bit crazy for me. But there is definitely some good stuff out there. A and his friends are obsessed with the genre right now. Thankfully, A knows the kind of dubstep I like (not as aggressive and more of a house-y feel), so I have him filter through it and send over my kind of stuff. I especially like listening to it at the gym or when going for runs.

Give it a shot:

And here is the same song, remixed by Skrillex. I actually heard the remix before the original. Can’t pick a favorite though – they are very different from each other – and both very good 🙂

Music Monday … on Thursday

I know I know. It is Thursday, not Monday. I missed Music Monday this week because things have been a little crazy. But Music Thursday just doesn’t sound right – so just go with me on this one.

Last night was the last episode EVER of One Tree Hill. It was a sad night for me. I know, I shouldn’t admit this. Half of you are probably saying “That show is still on?” and the other half are saying “I can’t believe you watch that show!”. Don’t judge me. I have been watching since season one and I just sort of grew up with it. So get over it.

But anyways, yesterday was the series finale and I had to say goodbye. One of the many reasons why I like the show is because they introduce me to so many good new artists and songs. Yesterday, I heard a song by Cary Brothers, called “Free Like You Make Me”, and I am in love. It’s been on repeat for me all day.

It’s very chill. And moving. Take a listen.