A cruising with all the windows down kind of song

Just came across this track and I am digging it. Hollywood by RAC featuring Penguin Prison. It’s got a very up beat feel to it. It’s a summer jam, the kind of song you want playing as you are cruising with all the windows down and no destination in mind.

It’s been cold and raining for quite some time up here in the Boston area. Today is a break from the rain, and this song is just what I needed to hear on my ride in 🙂


Goomba turns 3 months

Yesterday was Goomba’s 3 month birthday! Yay!

So in honor of his birthday, I give you some recent pictures of the little guy.

I know it is super corny to take his picture with a month sign, but get over it. I think it will be fun to see how quickly he is growing from month to month 🙂

Goomba loves taking baths.

So very wrinkly.

When he looks at you like this – you literally can not say no.

Getting ready to attack …

Goomba just hanging out on the couch, but looking like he is up to know good.

A and I took Goomba for a walk this past weekend. Goomba loved it. It was like a two mile loop – so I am impressed that he made it the whole way! Goomba loved all the attention he was getting from other people walking as well as the other dogs.

Of course I am a dummy, and forgot to bring water for him. Terrible mother I know. Luckily there were a couple of water fountains. So we legit picked him up, and had him licking water from the water fountain. Don’t worry – there was no contact with him and the water fountain, we kept it sanitary for people. This also made for a hilarious picture.

Happy 3 months Goomba! 🙂