Goomba turns 3 months

Yesterday was Goomba’s 3 month birthday! Yay!

So in honor of his birthday, I give you some recent pictures of the little guy.

I know it is super corny to take his picture with a month sign, but get over it. I think it will be fun to see how quickly he is growing from month to month 🙂

Goomba loves taking baths.

So very wrinkly.

When he looks at you like this – you literally can not say no.

Getting ready to attack …

Goomba just hanging out on the couch, but looking like he is up to know good.

A and I took Goomba for a walk this past weekend. Goomba loved it. It was like a two mile loop – so I am impressed that he made it the whole way! Goomba loved all the attention he was getting from other people walking as well as the other dogs.

Of course I am a dummy, and forgot to bring water for him. Terrible mother I know. Luckily there were a couple of water fountains. So we legit picked him up, and had him licking water from the water fountain. Don’t worry – there was no contact with him and the water fountain, we kept it sanitary for people. This also made for a hilarious picture.

Happy 3 months Goomba! 🙂


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