So as I stated in an earlier post, A and I are moving. It was very last-minute, and is a bad time seeing as it is so close to the holidays. But whatever – we made it work. We spent most of last week packing up the apartment.

On Saturday we made a few trips with both our cars and started bringing boxes over. Then on Sunday, both our parents came out with their trucks and helped us bring all the big stuff. It helped that along with our parents, his two sisters and a fiancรฉe was there to help, so it made the moving on Sunday go by pretty quick.
Here are some progression pictures over the weekend as we started unpacking.

Of course our first priority was putting up the Christmas tree and decorations ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course, Monday, a day after we moved in to the new place, the old apartment place called and said they people that they had to take over our apartment actually backed out so we still had it. A and I had talked to them about breaking the lease early because of my job move, and they had agreed to January 31st or if they could find someone sooner. Well they told us a little over a week ago that they had someone and that we had to be out in three weeks. We agreed, and because of the holidays, made the move this weekend. I am sorry, but you told us to move out early, and we agreed that we would do it – and now because you didn’t cover all of your bases you want us to continue paying for the apartment. I don’t think so. This has been causing a lot of anxiety for me – I have anxiety issues to begin with, so this put me over the edge a little bit. A went to talk to them and they are trying to find someone by the end of the month, but they said we might need to pay up until January 31st since that was the original agreement. Again, I don’t think so. That would mean A and I would be paying over $3,000 for rent in one month because we would have two apartments. I refuse to pay them – they were the ones that messed up. But I don’t need this stress around the holidays. Any advise on how to handle the old apartment people is greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚


Poor Life Decisions

Last night A had his company Christmas party. They rent out a bar in Boston, and it is free appetizers and drinks from 6 to 10. Fabulous. Except for the free drinks part. For some reason I decided last night that I was going to really take advantage of those free drinks. I mean Boston is expensive – we don’t go out often because it’s just so darn expensive. I didn’t get drunk in front of any of A’s coworkers – but at the end of the night when they made last call, I decided to get an extra glass of wine and double fist. That one extra glass was my poor life decision. Didn’t need it. Thank goodness A was okay to drive, because I definitely wasn’t. I got home and pretty much passed out. And this morning, when my alarm goes off for work, I had to ask myself why I drank that one extra glass.
Poor life decision. I might have to close the door to my office at some point today and take a quick power nap. womp.

I just want to say I should not have ate those cajun rice and beans

This is one of the most fantastic videos ever. There are these people, or maybe its one guy, I really don’t know, but they lip-synched a song over Michael Buble’s “Havent Met You Yet” video. They have done a bunch of different videos – but this is by far the best and my favorite.
I LOVE Michael Buble. He is fantastic. If you can see him in concert – go do it – right now. He is hilarious. And his voice is just amazing.
Well these people decided to make this song and put it over Buble’s video, and they are genius. Even Michael Buble called them genius.

“I wanna shave that mustache and then have gelato”. He says this as he is sitting at a coffee table with his wife (who is super hot by the way).
“I drink fire water” What is fire water? And how is that even possible. If Buble drinks it though – count me in.
I think the best part of the entire thing is “I just want to say I should not have ate those Cajun rice and beans” – and then you see Buble sitting there looking like he is about to soil himself. Hilarious.

So I have decided that I want to be friends with these people. Not only are the lyrics hilarious – but it really is not all that bad of a song. Very catchy, and it is getting me through this dragging Thursday. Bring on the weekend.

My version of therapy

Today was a rough day for me for some reason, but no particular reason. I was having a tough time focusing at work, and was getting annoyed with everything. Just one of those days I guess. I didn’t have a chance to do my usual lunch time workout because everyone else happened to be out of the office. It’s tougher for me to work out in the afternoon after work because I am tired and have a long commute home and just want to get home and get dinner going. Today, I convinced myself to get out there for a run after work. It was surprisingly warm here in the Boston area, I think it was around 60, which is very uncommon for this time of year. And I am so glad I did.
There are three things that I find are therapeutic for me – music, running, and the ocean. Today, I got all three. I decided to run along the ocean as the sun set, and it made my day.

Being so nice out temperature wise, I had such a good run. I actually had to stop at one point and just stand there and take it all in. So often we are flying through life and don’t stop to appreciate it. I was able to do this during my run – clear my head and just appreciate what is and where I am right now. I think we all need to do this during this time of the year with all the hustle and bustle. Enjoy the time with our loved ones, and even take some time out to ourselves.

One of the greatest inventions ever

Who invented the CrockPot? Because whoever it was – I would like to personally thank them. Growing up – my family NEVER used a crock pot. I don’t know if it is a Portuguese thing or what, but we just did not cook with them. When A and I got engaged, a friend told me that I just had to put a crock pot on our registry – I didn’t understand what the big deal was about them, but I figured why not.

It took us a couple of months to start using it (I have this huge fear that it is just going to burn our apartment complex down so I was a little slow on giving it a shot), but after just one time, I am hooked. How could you not love throwing a bunch of stuff in a pot, letting it sit in there all day, and come home to a cooked dinner. It’s fantastic. Especially because right now with my long commute, A and I leave at 630 in morning and we do not get home until 7 – so the last thing I want to do is to start cooking. Having dinner ready and waiting for me when I get home is phenomenal.
Today, after A and I went to church, we decided to go north of the city and try to go to some Open Houses and just look around neighborhoods. So I thought it would be a perfect day to throw something in the crock pot so that when we got home we would have dinner waiting for us.
We decided on chicken.


So thank you to whomever blessed us with this fine invention. It makes the lives of all us working wives much easier ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanksgiving Eve = Traffic

Thanksgiving Eve. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hope everyone takes a time to think about everything/everyone they are thankful for in their life.

What is Thanksgiving Eve? Most people would probably tell you its the number one night for going out in your hometown. Sure, everyone you grew up with and then some rush to the local bars. Most trying to prove that hey are further along in life than you are. Have fun with that – I will pass. People I want to catch up with, I still talk to and can catch up with whenever I want. And heck, if I want to see people I havent seen in years, or at least since last Thanksgiving Eve, I can just sign on to Facebook, where I am sure to learn more than I care to about people. So everyone be safe out there tonight!

So what do I really think of first when you say Thanksgiving Eve. Traffic. . . traffic traffic traffic. Thankfully EC gave me the day off – because my normal commute is 2 hours and I don’t think I could handle any more than that. Especially because it’s pouring here in the northeast, I can only imagine the roads right now. Now I currently live about 40 miles from work – which is a good distance, but its pretty much all highway. If I go on a Saturday, it takes me 45 minutes. Ok – great! But go during the week, between 5 and 10 in the morning and 3 and 8 in the afternoon, and boom, you aren’t on a highway, rather you are sitting in a parking lot. Why can’t people just keep moving? Why do they have to weave in and out and really not get any further and just cause more traffic? I joke that each day traffic steals a bit of my soul – but I kid you not. A and I are talking about finding a place closer to my work, somewhere half way between our works because the commute is just not working out. So for anyone out there that sits in parking lot traffic for 2+ hours like on your way home – I feel for you – stay strong.

As for tonight – the busiest day of the year for travel – good luck. I myself will be making the journey with A across state, but am waiting until as late as possible in hopes that traffic won’t be as bad.

Happy Thanksgiving!