You make my heart beat faster

As I have said before, I love music. I always have. And when A and I met, we found it was something we had in common. We had been dating for maybe all of 5 days, when I found out that one of his favorite bands was playing nearby, and without even thinking about it, got us tickets to go see them. It was Taking Back Sunday in case you were wondering. At the time, I wasn’t into them, but a fantastic concert nonetheless.

A and I have been to tons of concerts, some big ones, but more so smaller ones, artists that aren’t as mainstream. We are both constantly trying to find new music. Matt Nathanson was one of those. Some might say he is now mainstream, he has had a couple hits so most people probably recognize the name. I still wouldn’t call him mainstream, but he is definitely making a name for himself. But when I started listening to him way long ago, no one knew the name. And A and I went to his concert at some tiny little hole in the wall venue in CT, and it was fantastic. We were front row, we could literally see his sweat, and I think we got spit on a few times as he sang. Doesn’t sound all that great I am sure – but it was awesome to be that close. If you ever get the opportunity to go to a smaller venue to listen to an artist, take it, you won’t regret it. Since that concert, I have loved Matt. He recently came out with a new CD. I don’t buy CDs often, I often just listen to music online or download a CD here or there. But I had to buy Matt’s CD. And it is fantastic.

One of my favorite songs off the CD, is actually his first single from it – Faster. It’s up beat, and it reminds me of A. Check out the song below.

“You make my heart beat .. faster”. True story. I know we are still in this “honeymoon phase”, although we have been together for long enough and we have always been this way, but I love how it is just so easy. I keep hearing everyone say that the first year is the hardest – well if this is as hard as it gets then fantastic.
I think a big part of why it is so easy and seems so perfect is because of our beliefs in God. We both come from very religious families, and go to church together every weekend. And I think this helps bring us together. So many of our friends’ relationships are constantly in turmoil and we see people breaking up left and right. It is very discouraging. And I ask myself where did they go wrong, and how do we make sure that we don’t get to that point. And I honestly think it comes down to God. Families that pray together, stay together – and I believe in that statement whole heartedly. I thank the Lord every day that I was blessed to have such a wonderful husband and a love like ours.