A cruising with all the windows down kind of song

Just came across this track and I am digging it. Hollywood by RAC featuring Penguin Prison. It’s got a very up beat feel to it. It’s a summer jam, the kind of song you want playing as you are cruising with all the windows down and no destination in mind.

It’s been cold and raining for quite some time up here in the Boston area. Today is a break from the rain, and this song is just what I needed to hear on my ride in 🙂


Music Monday … on Thursday

I know I know. It is Thursday, not Monday. I missed Music Monday this week because things have been a little crazy. But Music Thursday just doesn’t sound right – so just go with me on this one.

Last night was the last episode EVER of One Tree Hill. It was a sad night for me. I know, I shouldn’t admit this. Half of you are probably saying “That show is still on?” and the other half are saying “I can’t believe you watch that show!”. Don’t judge me. I have been watching since season one and I just sort of grew up with it. So get over it.

But anyways, yesterday was the series finale and I had to say goodbye. One of the many reasons why I like the show is because they introduce me to so many good new artists and songs. Yesterday, I heard a song by Cary Brothers, called “Free Like You Make Me”, and I am in love. It’s been on repeat for me all day.

It’s very chill. And moving. Take a listen.

Your Hand In Mine

Happy Friday.

Not much to say right now, other than I am incredibly glad it is almost the weekend.

I know most people are looking for some up-beat music right now to get themselves ready for the weekend, but it’s not quite the weekend yet people. We still need to get ourselves through the work day.

And to help you do that, listen to “Your Hand In Mine” … on repeat. It’s 8 minutes of pure gold. You might recognize it, it was used in the NBC show “Friday Night Lights”. Which I loved, so if you have never watched it, all the seasons are on Netflix and you should check it out.

But anyways, take a listen to help you get through your Friday work day. And check out some other tunes from Explosions in the Sky while you are at it. You won’t regret it.

Less than one month away …

In less than one month … I will be running in a relay marathon!

I had decided I wanted to do it a few months ago. Because of my multiple knee surgeries, I was told that running a marathon was a VERY bad idea. My doctor told me to stick to no more than 5 miles. I am rebelling just a little bit, and doing an 8 mile leg in a relay marathon. Deal with it.

Well at the start of the new year, A and I decided to do Insanity together. I thought about backing out of the marathon thing because I was doing Insanity with A, but everyone on the team really wanted to do it, and I couldn’t back out and leave everyone else without the 4th runner. If I had been running this thing solo I might have backed out, so I guess it is good that I chose to do a team thing, because if there is one thing I hate, it is letting your team down. So once I knew that I was definitely running in a marathon, I realized I should start running. Well I was doing insanity, and running, and that can be a little much. There was one day, that I ran 8 miles, then did Insanity, and my net calorie intake for the day was 90 calories. That is very bad. So, I decided that it wasn’t really a good idea for me to be doing both insanity and training to run in a race at the same time. So, I put insanity on hold. I do it occasionally with A when I don’t have a run that day.

I just hit my 8 miles the other day and I was beyond excited. It was the first time I had run 8 miles since my surgery a little over a year ago. And I felt great. This was on the treadmill though. Although the northeast has been having an unusually warm winter, it’s still been cold, and so I haven’t been able to get myself to run outside. It’s like I am scared of the cold. But the other day it was 52 degrees out, and I was actually home from work somewhat early, so I went for a run outside and it felt fantastic. Yesterday was in the low 40s, and I ran outside. There was snow on the sidewalks and the wind definitely made it feel a bit chilly, but it felt good, and it didn’t take too long into the run to actually start to warm up.

Bring on the relay marathon at the end of February! I am pretty sure that all this warm weather and rain we are having is just a sick joke from mother nature, and the end of February and March are going to be insanely cold and snowy.

Another important part of this marathon .. is music. If I don’t have music, well running just doesn’t happen. I have begun making my marathon playlist. It is full of womps and electronic music. It just really keeps me going.
Here is one song that has been playing on repeat for me 🙂

Go, go, go …

I am the type of person that always needs to be doing something. I have a hard time just sitting doing nothing. A probably gets annoyed because after we get home and have dinner and all that fun stuff, he is ready to sit on the couch and veg out, but I feel the need to go around and get something done around the apartment. Its been a few months since we moved in together, but going from two separate apartments into one small apartment has been interesting, and we have had a hard time finding a place for everything. But that’s a whole other issue. Before A and I got engaged, I decided that I wanted to go back to school and get my master’s. At this time, A and I were at opposite ends of the state and only saw each other on weekends, sometimes every other. So I packed up my bags, and made the move out to Boston, so that A and I could be closer and so that I could go to grad school. If you know Boston, you know it is the quintessential college town. I can’t tell you how many schools are here, this map gives you a good idea though:

And that doesn’t even show you the schools that are just outside the city area. So yes, it is college central. I unfortunately can’t afford to just go to school and not work, but I also wanted to finish my masters as fast as possible so that I could move into my intended career path. I got accepted to a higher education program at Northeastern University and knew that I was going to be starting in the fall, but was nervous about the whole job situation. As luck would have it, I ended up finding a job at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a few weeks before I moved (yes it’s higher education, but it was nothing related to what I wanted to be doing). Talk about being around some wicked smaht people. Anyways, the whole point of this was, I constantly need to be doing something – so, I decided to work full-time, and get my master’s full-time. The program usually takes around 2 years for people who are working, but I was able to finish it in a year – and left with a 3.98 GPA (damn that one teacher who gave me an undeserved A- 🙂 ). But I will give myself a pat on the back for that one. It was a stressful year, but I stayed busy, and I thrive on that. A couple of weeks before my last class finished, A proposed while at the beach for a weekend getaway.

He had wanted to wait until I was done with my masters because he knew once we were engaged I would be focusing all my attention on wedding planning and not so much on my classes. Good call – and another reason why I am thankful I finished it in a year rather than two. And boy did wedding planning consume my/our time. We were engaged for about 13 months, which gave us plenty of time, but it was still a very busy and very exciting time. During the engagement process, I was also trying to find a new job and a house. I was able to land the new job, but the house had to be put on the back burner for a bit. The real estate in the Boston area is just ridiculously expensive and is a huge step that we did not want to rush into. The point of this long drawn out story is that for the past 2+ years, I have had some very big things going on in my life that took up a lot of time. But now, I find myself with well, nothing. I mean I have the thank you cards that I am still working on from the wedding (when you have 280 guests, it makes the thank you card process an extremely daunting task). But other than that I have nothing. Work, and my three-hour commutes, along with daily house chores take up a ridiculous amount of time, but I still feel the need to be working towards something. A couple of weeks ago, I told A that I wanted to start a blog. And then I said I wanted to run a marathon. And he keeps telling me that all these things take up a lot of time and asks why I have to do everything at once. Whatever – it’s just what I do. So I started the blog. Check. Sure showed him! haha. Now – it is on to the marathon. Now, there is no way I can do a full marathon. Maybe a few years ago I could have, but after tearing my ACL, twice, and having two ACL reconstructions and a meniscus reconstruction, the doctor said absolutely no more soccer (tear), along with other competitive sports, and no running of marathons.
This is me, after my ACL and meniscus surgery, most likely still feeling good from all the drugs.

I need to look at this to remind myself that I DONT want to go through that again. Running a marathon is bad for your body/knees to begin with, nevermind when you have had multiple knee surgeries. So that kind of crushed my marathon dream – sort of. My goal now is – to do a relay marathon. It’s about as close as I can get. The wedding was fantastic motivation to get in shape (I lost over 40 pounds 🙂 ). But I need to keep that motivation going, and the marathon is a perfect way to do it. A has the fastest metabolism ever, and can usually eat whatever he wants – but he is definitely starting to say that he is so out of shape and needs to get back into working out, so I thought it would be something fun that we could do together. So we made a relay team of four people (two legs of 7.8 miles and two legs of 5.8 miles). I am taking one of the 7.8, and since A is not a huge fan of running he is doing one of the 5.8. So that is my next project – getting ready to run in a relay marathon. Now I just need to find some great running songs to help me get through the runs. Ideas welcome 🙂

You make my heart beat faster

As I have said before, I love music. I always have. And when A and I met, we found it was something we had in common. We had been dating for maybe all of 5 days, when I found out that one of his favorite bands was playing nearby, and without even thinking about it, got us tickets to go see them. It was Taking Back Sunday in case you were wondering. At the time, I wasn’t into them, but a fantastic concert nonetheless.

A and I have been to tons of concerts, some big ones, but more so smaller ones, artists that aren’t as mainstream. We are both constantly trying to find new music. Matt Nathanson was one of those. Some might say he is now mainstream, he has had a couple hits so most people probably recognize the name. I still wouldn’t call him mainstream, but he is definitely making a name for himself. But when I started listening to him way long ago, no one knew the name. And A and I went to his concert at some tiny little hole in the wall venue in CT, and it was fantastic. We were front row, we could literally see his sweat, and I think we got spit on a few times as he sang. Doesn’t sound all that great I am sure – but it was awesome to be that close. If you ever get the opportunity to go to a smaller venue to listen to an artist, take it, you won’t regret it. Since that concert, I have loved Matt. He recently came out with a new CD. I don’t buy CDs often, I often just listen to music online or download a CD here or there. But I had to buy Matt’s CD. And it is fantastic.

One of my favorite songs off the CD, is actually his first single from it – Faster. It’s up beat, and it reminds me of A. Check out the song below.

“You make my heart beat .. faster”. True story. I know we are still in this “honeymoon phase”, although we have been together for long enough and we have always been this way, but I love how it is just so easy. I keep hearing everyone say that the first year is the hardest – well if this is as hard as it gets then fantastic.
I think a big part of why it is so easy and seems so perfect is because of our beliefs in God. We both come from very religious families, and go to church together every weekend. And I think this helps bring us together. So many of our friends’ relationships are constantly in turmoil and we see people breaking up left and right. It is very discouraging. And I ask myself where did they go wrong, and how do we make sure that we don’t get to that point. And I honestly think it comes down to God. Families that pray together, stay together – and I believe in that statement whole heartedly. I thank the Lord every day that I was blessed to have such a wonderful husband and a love like ours.


Happy Tuesday. It’s my Friday. EC decided to give us the rest of the week off since the students are off for the whole week anyways.

Today I give you one of the most insane commercials ever. Check it out …

That is what happens when you eat Weetabix Chocolate cereal?!?? Then where do I get some of that. I LOVE cereal. Could eat it every meal of the day. But can you imagine what would happen if you ate this all day.

I have to put in a disclaimer here – that I especially like this commercial because of the music in it. You will find that many of my posts will probably be music driven (hence the blog name). I love music. A loves music too and its one of the many things that brings us together. He introduced me to the world of dubstep. And what’s that saying? Once you go dub you never go back? Right. Anyways, dubstep is awesome and addicting. I like to think about if I would have liked it if A hadn’t liked it and introduced it to me, or if I like it because of A. Either way – I love it now. If you are looking to something to work out to – dubstep. Something to party to – dubstep. Something to just veg out to – dubstep. There are some in your face songs and some chill songs, so you can really satisfy any mood. I think that’s why I like music so much to begin with. You can always find something to match your mood – or get you out of that mood if that’s what you are looking for.

But I digress. Here in this commercial, is a dubstep mixup of Mord Fustang’s “New World”. Apparently the commercial is from the UK. I am digging it.

You can listen to “New World” here:
Another favorite from Mord Fustang is “Magic Trooper”. Hit it.