Less than one month away …

In less than one month … I will be running in a relay marathon!

I had decided I wanted to do it a few months ago. Because of my multiple knee surgeries, I was told that running a marathon was a VERY bad idea. My doctor told me to stick to no more than 5 miles. I am rebelling just a little bit, and doing an 8 mile leg in a relay marathon. Deal with it.

Well at the start of the new year, A and I decided to do Insanity together. I thought about backing out of the marathon thing because I was doing Insanity with A, but everyone on the team really wanted to do it, and I couldn’t back out and leave everyone else without the 4th runner. If I had been running this thing solo I might have backed out, so I guess it is good that I chose to do a team thing, because if there is one thing I hate, it is letting your team down. So once I knew that I was definitely running in a marathon, I realized I should start running. Well I was doing insanity, and running, and that can be a little much. There was one day, that I ran 8 miles, then did Insanity, and my net calorie intake for the day was 90 calories. That is very bad. So, I decided that it wasn’t really a good idea for me to be doing both insanity and training to run in a race at the same time. So, I put insanity on hold. I do it occasionally with A when I don’t have a run that day.

I just hit my 8 miles the other day and I was beyond excited. It was the first time I had run 8 miles since my surgery a little over a year ago. And I felt great. This was on the treadmill though. Although the northeast has been having an unusually warm winter, it’s still been cold, and so I haven’t been able to get myself to run outside. It’s like I am scared of the cold. But the other day it was 52 degrees out, and I was actually home from work somewhat early, so I went for a run outside and it felt fantastic. Yesterday was in the low 40s, and I ran outside. There was snow on the sidewalks and the wind definitely made it feel a bit chilly, but it felt good, and it didn’t take too long into the run to actually start to warm up.

Bring on the relay marathon at the end of February! I am pretty sure that all this warm weather and rain we are having is just a sick joke from mother nature, and the end of February and March are going to be insanely cold and snowy.

Another important part of this marathon .. is music. If I don’t have music, well running just doesn’t happen. I have begun making my marathon playlist. It is full of womps and electronic music. It just really keeps me going.
Here is one song that has been playing on repeat for me 🙂