The end of soggy cereal

I love cereal. I could eat it all day, every day.

Many people have issues with cereal because it can get soggy super quick. And most hate soggy cereal. I myself love it, but I am weird like that.

So for all you people who hate soggy cereal. Your prayers have been answered.

Tell me this is not one of the greatest inventions ever.

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

You can purchase this at Brookstone:

This could also be used for cookies and milk. Another fantastic idea. Because dipping chocolate chip cookies in milk is out of this world.


Friday musings

Some random thoughts for Friday.

Yesterday I taught Goomba how to sit. It was epic. And I was in shock. A came home and couldn’t believe it. Our little piranha gets so excited when we have a treat in our hand to try and teach him something, so it seems like he doesn’t understand what we are saying. But somehow I got through to him yesterday.

A just sent me a remake of Calvin Harris’ “Flashback”.

Wow is this guy talented. Definitely rocking out to this in my office right now.

This weekend is another traveling weekend for us. I have a girlfriend’s bachelorette party down at Mohegan Sun in CT. I have nothing to wear either. Which means I need to go do some shopping between now and tomorrow afternoon.
Here is the original Calvin Harris song from above. The video is kind of crazy. I am kind of hoping my weekend at the Casino turns out being similar to the video πŸ™‚

Happy Friday!

Busy Busy Busy

First of all, I want to say congrats to all my friends who ran in the Boston marathon yesterday. Running a marathon is difficult enough, but running it in record heat, I would have probably passed out.

This weekend I went home to visit my parents and they got to meet little Goomba. I also went to visit my best friend. She has a little miniature pinscher – Zoey. It was quite hilarious watching the two of them run around play together. Zoey was actually afraid of Goomba and would run away – man can that thing run. I wouldn’t have been able to catch her even if I wanted to. So of course there was no way Goomba baby was going to be catching him, but Goomba was smart and used some strategy to try to catch her.

This is probably my most favorite picture ever. Goomba looks sooo ferocious πŸ™‚

And here is another one of G baby just running around in the yard

It was nice because where we live, there is not a ton of room to just run around. We have to constantly keep him on a leash. But out in Western Mass, everyone has huge yards, so it was perfect for little Goomba to just get out and run around like crazy. What was also great about it, was that he slept like a baby after that.

I also got to see my baby cousin this weekend. It has been awhile. I love this little guy. He has a baby brother or sister on the way – I am hoping for godmother status! haha. This little guy is the biggest 2-year-old I have ever seen. But he is so good. And so photogenic!

This weekend was also big, because two of A and I’s very good friends came home from Afghanistan! They are in the marines, and left just two days after our wedding! We didn’t think they would be able to make it, they were down in South Carolina getting ready to be deployed, but they got a weekend leave and were able to come up for it.
They finally came home this weekend – safe and sound. So on Saturday, I was in CT celebrating their return. It was great to see them and I am so happy that they are back with their friends, family, and significant others.

In honor of them, and all the many other soldiers out there right now fighting for our freedom, I just wanted to say thank you. May we all take a little time out of our busy days to remember those that have lost their lives fighting for us, and those that are over there fighting for us right now.


A and I went snowboarding yesterday. His sister and her fiancΓ©e got us a gift card to Stratton mountain as a wedding gift. We figured we should probably use it this season, because getting a puppy will make spontaneous trips much more difficult to do next year.

It was a blast – but I am sooo incredibly sore today.

It has been 2 years since I have been boarding. And the last time I went, I was not very good. Skiing is a disaster for me – I am nowhere near coordinated enough. Snowboarding I can manage … but with my knee surgery last year, I wasn’t able to get out on the mountain. I was worried forgot how to board, or that I would have issues with my knee and kill myself going down the mountain.

Well I actually did really well. A ski’s and snowboard’s, and is amazing at both. He just has this knack for all things extreme. I am actually pretty jealous. He was a pretty good teacher and actually helped me get pretty decent in one day. I am terrified of lifts – I don’t like having to get on and off them, I am always worried about falling and having to have them stop the lift so I can get myself situated. But at Stratton, they have gondolas that take you to the top of the mountain, where you literally walk on and off, both feet on the ground, so I was all about that yesterday.
I would consider myself in pretty decent shape, being that I just ran in a relay marathon and have been continuing to work out – but you use such different muscles boarding. So I am incredibly sore today. Not to mention that I ate it hard on more than a few occasions when I started getting to comfortable and getting a little crazy. Of course I had a helmet, I made sure that A and I both got one. Thank goodness too, because there were a few times where I went down pretty hard and hit my head.

All in all we had an amazing day. It was a little too warm actually. It was about 65, so some trails were starting to melt and it got kind of annoying, but at least we weren’t freezing. Happy six months to us!

Here are a few pictures from our day πŸ™‚

This is the resort area. It is so quaint and cute. Because it has been very warm and because it is a bit later in the season, it was pretty dead when we got there. Actually, it was pretty dead all day. We didn’t wait in line once for any of the lifts.

Just a view from the main base area.

View all the way from the top πŸ™‚

A strapping up.

Me posing – probably after I took a good digger.


Another nice thing about the trip yesterday … a day off from work! So while today feels like Monday, it is actually Tuesday! Love 4 day work weeks!

Week Recap

Happy Thursday.

This past weekend I did something crazy. It’s really not that crazy, but it was a little out there for me. When it comes to clothes, I am pretty plain Jane. I love black and white. I occasionally try to mix and match some random things together, but for the most part, I would save I am pretty conservative when it comes to clothes.

That is until this weekend, when I went out and bought these bad boys:

Yes, flaming red-hot pants. I mean they were more a coral-red. But red nonetheless. I came home, and A just stared at me, and then laughed and told me that I was joking. But oh no, I was very serious. I had just bought myself red pants. I mean, they were only 15 bucks, how could I not. He said I wouldn’t wear them.

BUT, I actually wore them. Saturday night. Myself and three other girls had planned a girls night. We first went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We then continued this Southern theme, and went to a place called the Cadillac Ranch. And it’s just what it sounds like.

A whole lot of this:

It is a country bar, so combine a few drinks with some country music, and you have some line dancing. They do an hour lesson before just playing music the rest of the night. And it was quite hilarious. I think the most impressive thing was these two guys that I legit think came out of the movie “Step Up”. They did a mix of hip hop with line dancing, and it was phenomenal. I wish I had thought of recording it. It was epic.

Sunday A and I continued our house hunting search with a few open houses – and again it was extremely discouraging and we knocked out a couple houses that we had high hopes for. I really hope people start putting their houses up soon! Spring is coming people – list those houses!

Monday A and I went down to the breeder’s house to meet our little guy. We had seen all the pups before but we weren’t sure which one was ours, so this was the first time we actually got to hold ours! Of course we got our first family pic!

The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful. Working a lot, as well as trying to keep my running routine going. I don’t have any races currently lined up, but I would like to register for something soon so that I can stay motivated and keep running!

This upcoming weekend will be A and I’s 6 month wedding anniversary. Seems like just yesterday. One of our wedding presents from A’s sister was a gift card to Stratton Mountain. So A and I both took off Monday, and we will be heading up to good old Stratton in Vermont to do some snowboarding. I haven’t been in a couple years now because of my knee, and the last time I did go I was not so great, so this should be interesting. I am hoping I make it out in one piece. I love spring skiing/snowboarding because it is not frigidly cold. So you can actually enjoy being out on the mountain. We just so happened to plan it for the same weekend that our 6 month anniversary fell on, so it will be nice to kind of get away for it.

And to end this post, it is 67 degrees out here in Eastern Massachusetts. SAY WHAT?! In March? I will take it. If you can, go out there and enjoy this marvelous day. I am counting the seconds until I can get out there and enjoy some of that warm sun myself πŸ™‚

Say hello to the newest member of our family :)

Meet Gumba (pronounced Goom-ba)

I have mentioned before that we were hoping to get an English Bulldog and were on a waiting list. Well we found out last week that a few people backed out and we were able to get one in this litter and not have to wait for the next one. Amazing.
Well we get last pick, which is fine because they all look the same to me and come from great parents so any of the pups will be great. So a few days ago we finally learned which one of the little guys would be ours. We are getting Hillis. Which we will be changing his name to Gumba. A has said he wanted that as a name for his first bulldog for years. It’s slang for buddy/friend in Italian. I dig it, and I have been hearing it for so long anyways that I am all for it.

This little guy is so adorable.

He just turned 4 weeks this past Wednesday, so we have a little less than 4 weeks now until he can come home with us. I wish I could just take him now. I learned that one week in puppy world is like a couple of months in human world, so I feel like we are missing out on an awesome part of his life. What’s nice is our breeder we are going through is amazing and pretty much lets us go over whenever we want to see him.

I apologize for the many upcoming posts of our new little fella. I promise I will try to keep it to a minimum, but I am just pretty excited. My parents were not pet people, so I never had a dog or any other animal growing up. I feel like I was deprived of this as a child. So my day has finally come. And I am going to love every second of it.

I leave you with a little video that our breeder sent us

Random Thoughts

So just a few random thoughts.

1)This week has been extremely busy at work and has resulted in some late nights. Not fun. But it’s alright, I would rather be busy than bored at work. But being busy has resulted in some negligence towards blogging. Sorry.

2)This weekend is the BIG weekend. And by this I mean my Relay Marathon!!!
I have been gearing up for this for a few months now, and it’s finally here. I am ready. I know I can finish it, just now sure how quick I will be. I haven’t done much running this week. A couple shorter runs just to get my legs moving. Also trying to make sure I eat some carbs so I have enough energy for the weekend. Wish me luck!

3)We get to see our little puppy tomorrow! Hopefully we will know which one is ours, since it was between two the last time we talked to the breeder. A and I have been reading a ‘how to raise your English bulldog’ book before bed each night. It’s something fun to do together. A is not a big reader, but I love reading, and it’s kind of fun doing it together and learning some tips about raising a pup.

4)A and I found a house that we really liked. We went and looked at it a couple of times, and even had A’s parents come out to look at it. But it’s a little more expensive than we were thinking and it’s a little more house than we need. Our Realtor seems to think that an offer was made, so it looks like we won’t be getting that house. And there isn’t much else out there right now. House buying is incredibly frustrating.

5)It is Friday. Bring on the weekend! πŸ™‚